Story from just for kicks


A "Hair Raising" Experience

In 1975, an adventuresome stuntman named Ky Michaelson was contracted by a hair replacement system manufacturer to shoot a commercial demonstrating the "staying power" of their product. The hair product was afixed to Ky's scalp by way of snaps which were literally sutured to his head. Ky teamed up with a pilot friend of his named Joe Hughes to concept the commercial. The idea they came up with was a hairy one. Joe would fly his Super Steerman bi-plane with Ky wingwalking perilously on top. With cameras rolling at a close up angle, Joe put his craft into a steep 140 mph dive. The demonstration was a mixed success. The hair system stayed in place, but upon entering his trailer after the stunt, Ky bumped his head and tore one of the snaps lose from his scalp. The pain was excruciating, he couldn't leave it hanging there. So he took a pair of pliers from his toolbox and pried the snap the rest of the way out!

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