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What-cha-ma-call-its, Doo-hickies & Thing-a-ma-bobs...
Toys for Big Kids

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Motorcycle with Lincoln 12 cylinder engine.

Mine is bigger then yours.

Jeff Christensen

Jet bike

This old home made Chevy bike, is owned by Cid Chatland.

300mph turbo diesel powered truck.

Home made motorcycle powered by
a V60 ford engine.

Why pull a sled up a hill when
you can drive it up ?

All aluminum motor scooter.

Three wheel Chopper.

This is how Grandma used to get around town.

Volkswagen powered motorcycle.

High Speed Limo.

This Model T is powered by blown V12 engine.

Ky's just a bit fired up about this little gadget.


A maxed out Mitsubishi pick-up.

Mad your heart out!


Skit, scat & scoot on this gas powered scooter.

Super powered, banana seat Schwinn.

Gives new meaning to "traction"

Fully custom "Tri-wheeled" car

The ultimate Radio Flyer

Roger Sandhoof's street legal
motorcycle chair.

Custom Waggon

Kys Snow Dragster

Ky test firing rocket powered snowmobile.

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