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ROCKETMAN Will Buy or Trade for Your Military Air Corp or NASA Memorabilia!

 Ky "ROCKETMAN" Michaelson wants to Buy or Trade for your new or used Military Air Corp or NASA Space Program items. If you have photos, badges, plaques, flight equipment, used rocket casings or motors, apparel, basically anything that actually flew in combat, as part of an actual launch or prototype, he wants to talk to you!


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ITEM for SALE: Aerospace Surplus Sales

CONTACT: or Tim Pickens @ (205) 971-1566

DESCRIPTION: Aerospace quality valves, tanks, regulators, sensors, switches, thrusters, etc. I have supplied an extensive amount of new and used surplus aerospace hardware that has been utilized to support rocket motor test facilities, flight and static test vehicles,propulsion systems,etc. My hardware has been used to support both government and private projects because I sell hardware at a fraction of its original cost.

ITEM for SALE: RocketDyne XR470 Aluminum Rocket

CONTACT: or Chris Colt @ 530-233-2644

DESCRIPTION: 90" Aluminum, 4" diameter, 4 fin aluminum rocket. Never flown. Bulit by Rocket Dyne Systems, Model XR470. Designed for 3" motor up to 20,000 newton seconds. Includes Black Sky Timer for deployment.

ITEM for SALE: Model Rocket Altitude Calculator program


DESCRIPTION: This program is for windows and win 95. A detailed description can be found at

ITEM for SALE: 10 lb. aluminum nitrous oxide tank


10 lb. capacity, aluminum, nitrous oxide tank for hybrid rocket engine or racing use.

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