Wizard Special Effects Does It All


  • Water Truck
  • Fire Truck
  • Rain Towers
  • Wetdown Gear
  • Stunt Equipment
  • Foggers
  • Oil Crackers
  • Wind Machines
  • Weapons
  • Bullet Hits

Midwest's Largest Selection of Electric and Gas Powered
Hurricane Wind Machines 18" to 24"

Ky Michaelson's WIZARD SPECIAL EFFECTS creates and performs stunts and special effects under all conditions, for all situations, using every device and sometimes INVENTING NEW ONES!

Ky, also know as "The Rocketman", is federally licensed to use and supply all firearms and explosives necessary for the hundreds of special effects called for in motion picture cinematography. This is extremely important since many special effects and stunts call for the use of explosive materials.

 Provide male and female stunt persons for any stunt  Create and perform special effects necessary for commercials, videos or motion pictures.  Fabricate structures, props, break-aways needed for for any special effects or stunt situation.
 Engineer and perform automobile crashes, chases and rollovers also motorcycle leaps.  Produce and conduct fight scenes.  Conduct horse falls, rodeo scenes, races
 Produce high falls from buildings, precipices and airplanes.  Arrange and perform skydiving drops and highfalls.  Engineer pyrotechnics, fires, explosions, smokescreens.
 Build catapults, air rams, robots, stage machinery and superstructures.  Provide radio controlled cars, boats, planes and rockets.  Construct high wire rigging.
 Build camera mounts for cars, planes and special effects.  Engineer and/or perform standard or customized stunts and special effects.  

When your production calls for special effects, you can't afford not to use us.

Rates Negotiable.