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The Rocketman has over 5,000 pictures in his photo albums. Here are some of them he would like to share with you.

Gallary 4

Annie Okley standing next to Buck,
He sold his Jewelry store to
my Grand Father.

My Grand Father had lots of guns he was the Deputy Sheriff.

My third Cousin Laures was a Snake oil sales men in South Dakota.

Dads work shop 1920.

Minneapolis Tri Car Built by
my family.

Michaelson Motorcycle Transmit ion

Michaelson Motorcycle swing
arm suspension

Michaelson Motorcycle
Clutch Patent

My Father Helped Developed the lightning arresters for aircraft in about 1945. I was there to see 100.000.000 volts hit the plane.

My Grand Father Anton.

Mom and Dad getting married the old fashion way.

Where it all started,the Michaelson homestead in 1870.

Joe Michaelson was in charge of the Michaelson race team. In a letter he said they took 3 firsts 9 seconds and five thirds. The only thing that could beat them was a Indian.

My Great uncle John, First Dare devil in the family.

Us Michaelsons know how
to brake our bones.

Article on my Dad and Dave Sherman

I still Have this telescope my dad made 50 years ago. He ground the lens by hand.

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My Dad on his trike.

My Grand Father and Dad on Minneapolis Motorcycle.

Family race team 1910 at Minnesota State Fair.

My uncle John drew this a hundred years ago look at it close the technical thought behind it is incredible.

My Great Uncle John Michaelson "The Great Michaels" Is showing Kenivel
How it is done in 1905.

Walter "mike" Michaelson on first flight to use Oxygen mask
in 1938.

My great Uncle Walter "Mike" was chief engineer for the Heidbrink company. Who Manufactured the Oxygen mask During the war they sold over a million masks that were used by USA military pilots.

Article on My Dad and Sister Maradee

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