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Ky Michaelson, aka. The Rocketman has designed and built a Rocket Powered Chair, that will not only hover but will fly. The big advantages over the Rocket belt is that the Rocket Chair can carry more rocket fuel, so it will have a longer flying time, and it will be easier to fly. The standard Rocket Belt has two rocket nozzles where the Rocket Chair uses four nozzles for more stability. Ky predicts his new Rocket Chair will obsolete Rocket Belts because of there short flight time and they are difficult to operate, because they are inherently unstable. Ky predicts in the future there will be Rocket men racing rocket chairs and rocket belts just like the airplane races they have today.

Ky built his latest masterpiece in his home using a small lathe mill and standard hand tools found in most garages. Ky believes the average guy with mechanical ability and lot of common sense can build his own flying machine for less then the cost of a good motorcycle.

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