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Rocketman unveils his latest creation "Robo Rocketman." Over the last few months Ky has been busy designing and building his Radio controlled 7 foot 200 pound Robot.

Ky built The Robo Rocketman Robot to motivate students when he gives motivational speeches at the local schools. Now Ky will be able to talk through the Robot because The Robo Rocketman has video cameras for eyes and a sound system that Ky can speck to the students through. The Robot also is radio controlled so it can move around. The arms and hands are also radio controlled. The Robo Rocketman has a Rocket Back Pack on its back that shoots Co2 through the thrusters, with bright LED lights to give them a fire effect. Robo Rocket and Ky will be available April 2007. For further information contact Ky at

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