Rocket Powered Flyer highlight of Superbowl


Ky's scaled up super sled derived from
the miniature radio flyer he holds in his hands

side view of sled
front view of sled
Ky posing with sled
rear view of sled
Click on the images to see a larger version of each
Leave it to the unbelievable imagination of the ROCKETMAN, Ky michaelson, to dream up this latest rocket powered vehicle. Although it's not very hard to believe once you think about all of the other vehicles Ky has rigged a rocket to. The intriguing part about this suped-up radio flyer is that Ky was inspired after staring at a toy sled only a fraction of the size of a real radio flyer.

The rails were manufactured out of aluminum andthe surface area was crafted out of oak planks. But anybody who knows Ky will tell you that he doesn't duplicate anything...he innovates! His version of a radio flyer sled comes complete with custom steering handle bars, a speedometer and a JATO bottle motor mount! Holy ice melt batman! this sled is no JOKER.

Ky and his friend took this baby out for a little Sunday afternoon spin down the sidewalks of his Bloomington, Minnesota neighborhood. The snowbanks on each side of the sidewalk made for a perfect luge run.

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