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My name is Ky Michaelson. I have been a rocket and space enthusiast since the middle 50's when I built my first rocket engine using match heads. I then turned to zinc and sulfur micro-grain motors which then progressed to bi-propellant motors which lead to hydrogen peroxide motors.

In the early 60's I built my first rocket powered motorcycle that was powered by 2 turbonique rockets. I then built a hydrogen peroxide powered rocket snowmobile and set my first world record. Since then I have built many rocket powered cars and other rocket powered vehicles that have set over 72 State, National and International speed records.

In 1996 I set the amateur altitude record with a solid propellant rocket motor that reached an altitude of over 66,000 feet and had a full recovery. I have put rockets on everything from a 1978 corvette, roller-skates, a canoe, boat, go-cart, wheel chair and numerous dragsters that hold the 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, 500 meter and kilometer World records. I hold the quickest time of 396 miles per hour and a lapse time of 3.72 seconds.

I eat, sleep and think about rockets about 90% of the time. I even built the rockets for my favorite movie, "OCTOBER SKY". My next goal is to be the first amateur to build and launch a rocket into outerspace. Stay tuned for this one, we are not too far away.

As you can tell, I am a true ROCKETMAN! My friends gave me this nickname over 40 years ago. I've been collecting astronaut photos and space memorabilia for years. I will try to add something new to this museum page at least twice a month. I want to share my large collection of memorabilia with my fellow rocketeers and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

If you have any space memorabilia for sale or would like to trade, please feel free to contact me: ky@the-rocketman.com or call 952-881-6260. Thanks, and enjoy the site.