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Suped up 78 Arrow

Hydrogen peroxide powered sled made for superbowl halftime fun

Ky's rocket powered luge actually hit speeds of near 60 mph in a test run

Ky's retirement wheels...
a rocket powered wheelchair

A young Ky ventured into wingwaliking to get his rush going

Ky built this transport vehicle from basically from scratch

Craig Beedlove walks away from his 600mph speed machine "Spirit of America" out in the salt flats


Ky Michaelson gets David Brenner to try out his rocket powered roller skates on the Mike Douglas Show


52 mph on roller skates using the hydrogen peroxied powered backpack


The hydrogen peroxide powerplant of the Michaelson backpack


Ky demonstrates the amazing lift and distance that his "kitecycle" creates during an exhibition at the Minnesota Dragways in 1975. This same concept was later used on a snowmobile which set a jump distance record as well.

"Turbo-Sonic" built by George Barris for Walter Brennan TV series.


Marlow Treit's 3 wheel "Miss Demeanor"


The "Miss Demeanor" had a powerful 360 horses when running top speed.