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Ky Michaelson, Dave Anderson, Paula Murphy Gary Gabalitch & Art Arfons

The Fabulous Five...All World Land Speed Record Holders.

Ky stands proudly next to rocket car that he built in Kitty O' Neil's shop in California. Unfortunately it was stolen from the shop.

$5,000 Reward
For the return of this car.


Roger Gustin and The "FOR SPECIAL".

Craig Breedlove walks from his 600 mph Spirit of America.


Spirit of America streaks across the lakebed.


The needle nosed Blue Flame.


The J.A.T.O. powered Wingfoot Express. This car had 25, 1,000 lb thrust JATO bottles and was built by Walt Arfons.


Wingfoot Express BEFORE the 10 extra JATO bottles were added. $50,000 expense just to do the 2 way run. Reached speed of 476.6 mph one way in Oct. 1965