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Rocket power featured attraction on Junkyard Wars

Ky standing next to the offical junkyard transport

The set of junkyard wars

Ky was the guest expert during the rocket powered shoot & recover show. Here he poses with
George Gray.

Ky hams it up with Cathy during filming of the show

Imagine the scene... It's daybreak in a futuristic Junkyard, you're surrounded by acres of junk and as many tools as you've ever wanted to lay your hands on. Can you and your team-mates build a human-carrying flying machine or an amphibious vehicle before the sun goes down? Meanwhile on the very same Junkyard, another team is trying to find all the best bits of junk before you do. They want to build a bigger and better machine because you will be fighting each other in a Junkyard Showdown.

Junkyard Wars is the challenge for teams who think they can build anything out of junk. In each show, two teams try to construct extraordinary machines, all out of junk and in only 10 hours! The two teams are made up of three like-minded friends. They might know each other from working together or through a shared interest or hobby. They come from all walks of life but share the belief that their mechanical skills, ingenuity and teamwork are second to none.

Ky was invited to be the expert for the rocket powered shoot and recover scenario.


The teams take time out to pose with the
hosts Cathy and George

The egg survies! Ky and Cathy help celebrate the
intact Ostritch egg with the winning team.


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