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Doug Rose and The Green Mamba Jet Car have been burning up the tracks for over 35 years.

Doug Rose started driving Jet Powered cars back in 1962 When Walt Arfons Hired Doug to drive the famed Green Monster Jet Car. Doug set track records with Green Monster from one end of the country to the other. Until Doug had a near fatal accident when his Jet Car hit a guardrail in 1966, as a result of the accident Doug lost both of his legs.

Doug decided the accident was not going to stop him from doing what he loved to-do best, and that was driving fast cars and setting track records. So Doug built The Green Mamba Jet powered Car. Through the years Doug won over 3,700 races, and was the National Jet Car Champion 11 times.

Doug is pushing now 70 years old and yet he still entertains his fans across the country by burning cars with the Green Mamba Jet Car.

Ky and Doug used to tour together during the seventies, and early eighties and have remained friends ever since. Every year Doug brings his Green Mamba jet car to Minnesota Where Ky Lives, to put on a half time show on at Raceway park.

Doug Chains a full size car to The Green Monster. Then fires up the jet engine. When engine gets up to the right temperature Doug turns on the after burner. The car turns into a ball of fire. After about 30 seconds the car starts melting, sparks, and car parts, fly hundreds of feet into the air. This is one of the most awesome displays of power I have ever seen.

The Green Monster is powered by a J46 jet engine out of a Navy F7U Cutlass Fighter Plane. The engine burns 37 Gallons of Jet fuel a minuet. The Car weighs 3,318 pounds and has a top speed of over 300 MPH.

Ky, Doug and Jodi standing next to the Green Mamba.

Ky and Jeanie strapping Doug into the Green Mamba.

Ky getting ready to start jet engine.

Before the flames.

Doug entertains the crowed as Ky gives the thumbs up.

Fire and incredible amount of noise.

Sparks fly as car starts to melt.

Jodi says its time for a weenie roast anyone have any hot dogs?

The car is demolished.

After car is cut in half from the thrust and heat of the Jet Engine.

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