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 Redeye & Spitfire Blast onto the Scene BIGTIME!

Imagine my surprise when I started paging through the last issue of HPR Magazine and ran across an ad that said. "Redeye & Spitfire motors, like on the cover of High Power Rocketry magazine". Those of you that have been fortunate enough to attend an LDRS, Balls or any launch out west will have undoubtedly seen those motors in action. If you have not had the opportunity to personally see them, good news is on the way forALL rocketeers. The opportunity is at hand VERY soon.

First, a little background. Some ofthe truly spectacular motors are made by a guy out west. In fact, with the exception of the "R" project, almost all of the major flights, including my own, have been powered by these motors. If you take the time to look back through the magazines and videos you will notice a number of flights with the terrific Spitfire and stunning Redeye, as well as some great high power flights with what the company calls their "standard" propellant. The ad for Hot Rockets on the inside back cover would be an example of this type motor. My JOE BOXER altitude record rocket flew at BALLS this year with that same propellant on board. Well, the long and short of it is this, Ron Urinsco and Mike Dunkel had a company that was engaged in aerospace activity for some time. Finally, the boys got together and decided that there had been enough expressed interest to warrant their going into full time, LEGAL CERTIFIED production of their stunning products. That folks, is REALLY big news! These guyshave got a track record second to none and their stuff really works. They personally flew 4 M's and an O at BALLS this year.

Here is a sneak preview:

  • 640ns 38mm Redeye and Spitfire I250
  • 1000ns 38mm Redeye and Spitfire J300
  • 1300ns 54mm Redeye and Spitfire J375
  • 2100ns 54mm Redeye and Spitfire K700
  • 3400ns 54mm Redeye and Spitfire L100
  • 2560ns 3in Redeye and Spitfire Full K
  • 5120ns 3in Redeye and Spitfire Full L
  • 8500ns 3in Redeye and Spitfire Middle M
  • COMPLETE HARDWARE SYSTEMS (patent pending)

    Special order 4in through O and 6in through P Coming soon, the SCREAMIN' DEMON motors that make up the "Hammer Series".

    There is not a burn time laess than 3.3 seconds and they go out to 7 seconds. WOW! stuff you can see and enjoy. Let me tell you from personal experience, nothing is louder than their Spitfire! How about a 3in M motor that has 550ns and 425 lbs. of thrust for 4 seconds. It will undoubtedly be the level 3 certification motor of choice. That's right, all of this and much, much more is being classified and certified as we speak. All the info is available at Advanced Propulsion Systems. Call (414)954-0171 or email at dunlelm@worldnet.att.net. Orders are being taken now. Don't Miss Out!!!


    Submitted by Ky Michaelson

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