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Doug Rose's Green Mamba warms up it's huge jet powered engine


The Green Mamba lurches hard at 290 mph as the chute opens at the finish

Pollution Packer built by Ky and driven by Dave Anderson

First ever rocketcar run at an NHRA meet. Car driven by Paula Murphy, Feb. 1973 and built by Ky Michaelson.


The Proffitt "USA" dragster


The Conklin Comet buily by Ky Michaelson

Ky warms up the Pollution Packer

Ky Michaelson's 3,500 lb. thrust Hydrogen Peroxide motor


STP Rocketcar driven by Paula Murphy and built by Ky Michaelson


Kitty O'Neil, world's fastest woman set many records whilr driving Ky's cars.


Ky's dragster burning the slicks in a 1962 event