Dar Robinson the Worlds Most Spectacular Stunt Man

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Dar and Ky before jump off CN tower.

Dar jumping into the grand canyon with
his Bradley GT.

Dar Jumping off the CN Tower with a 1/8th inch cable.

Dar Jumping over his son's go kart that
was going 30 mph.

Dar jumping off CN Tower.

Dar on the movie Roller Ball.

Dar Falling the in movie stick.

Dar on the movie Paint your Wagon.

Dar falling from building using decender.

Dar hamming it up with Burt Reynolds.

Dar Jumped from a plane that was at 13,500 ft above the Mohave Desert, free fall a mile, then crawled into another air plane.

Dar, Morgan Fairchild and Ky.

Dar, Cathy Lee and Ky next to Volkswagen
van wreckage.

Ky, Cathy Lee and Dar, playing after a hard days work.

Dar Standing next MG, we through out of an airplane for super stunt show.

Ky, Dar and racing legend Parnelli Jones, before race at Long Beach California.

Bobby Bass, Dar and Ky working on Burt Reynolds Sharkys Machine film.

Dar and Kitty O'Neil, the worlds fastest woman.

Newspaper Articles on Dar
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Newspaper article on Dar after he past away.

Dar article part one.

Dar article part two.

Dar on CN. Tower for GRB ad.

Dar TV ad

Dar crashes car in Mexico.

Dar doesn't believe in bad luck article.


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