Historic C.A.T.S. Rocket Launch

The August 1 Civilian Space Xploration Launch has been postponed to an undetermined date due to technical difficulties. The ROCKETMAN will keep you posted on the progress of the CSXT team and post the new launch date as soon as possible...STAY TUNED!


Outer space...
the last frontier.
It's for everyone!

On August 1, 1998, Ky Michaelson and the CSXT team will attempt to be the first substantially civilian organization to design, build, launch and recover a rocket from outerspace.

The two stage C.A.T.S. Rocket will attempt to carry a payload to an altitude of over 50 miles then safely return to Earth under full canopy.

The launch will take place as scheduled pending complete licensing by the Commercial Space Transportarion Department

The rocket's Initial acceleration upon liftoff will generate approximately
13 g's and an approximate airspeed of mach 6.


Civilian Space Exploration Team
Primary Objectives:

To develop an affordable and cost effective access to reach outer space.

To explore outer space as ordinary citizens of the United States.

To research, develop and share all technical data from the project.

To design, build, test fire and launch the most powerful 2 stage rocket
ever built by a civilian organization

To be the first civilians to exceed 50 aeronautical miles.

The first payload recovered by a civilian organization from space.

To downlink video from a live camera from space.

To establish our capabilities and become a viable alternative for future business ventures.

To prove to the world that if you dare to dream it...you can build it.

CSXT Team Sponsorships & Payload Requests

Stake your claim to a piece of history. Check this space soon
for available sponsorship packages.


If you're interested in submitting an idea or item to be used as payload for this history making flight, please contact Ky Michaelson at 1-800-732-4883 or by email


If you are interested in finding out more information about our project and becoming a sponsor, contact us at kytec@spacestar.com or call 1-800-732-4883.

Outer space...the last frontier. It's for everyone!