Disappointed But Looking To The Future.
Motor Failure Prevents Civilian Rocket From Reaching Space.

September 21, 2002 -- On September 19, 2002, at 9:19 AM PDT, the Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT) launched the world's first amateur space rocket from the desert of Black Rock, Nevada. All onboard computers and telemetry systems reported a precise trajectory to space when, at three seconds after liftoff, the motor burned through the casing just above the fin section causing the motor to fail. All of the debris was contained downrange in the pre-planned safety recovery zone. A detailed failure investigation is currently underway to determine the root cause of the mishap and recommend corrective actions for the next launch.

Ky Michaelson, CSXT's founder and Program Director, said, "Our initial review of the failure points to a correctable situation. We're optimistic we can make the appropriate engineering adjustments -- and keep our historic program on track."

Jerry Larson, Program Manager, commented, "The rocket was performing flawlessly, flying straight and true -- precisely on its planned trajectory. We would have, indeed, made space. That gives us great hope for our next flight." Larson continued, "The recovered flight recorders and the vehicle components are making it very clear to us what the problem was…making it very easy for us to fix and continue on."

Eric Knight, Project Co-Leader and Avionics Team Manager, said, "It was a spectacular launch. This is just a small speed bump in our historic road to space." Knight continued, "The flight had many successes. In fact, our avionics system performed even better than we hoped -- which, in itself, is a great milestone for civilian rocketry."

Michaelson added, "We welcome sponsors and supporters that share our vision of the future. Space is, without question, the next great business environment -- and will soon be accessible to civilians and companies of every size. Those companies that get on board now will reap the rewards of blazing this new frontier."

Business and sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Ky Michaelson at (952) 884-5870.

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