Rocket is Ready to Roll

The PRIMERA rocket, designed and built by the Civilian Space Exploration Team is finished and awaits the final countdown to history. A single stage unguided rocket, the PRIMERA is the most powerful amateur rocket every built. Weighing in at a hefty 551 pounds the PRIMERA will roar off the launch pad and in 15 seconds of powered flight is expected to speed past the 3,205 mph record set by CSXT’s last launch of SPACESHOT 2000. The FAA in Washington DC has given CSXT the green light to proceed.
“We have risen to the challenge even stronger following the attempt of SPACESHOT 2000”, says Program Manager Jerry Larson. “Every part of the rocket has been re-designed… right down to the bolts”. “This project has been more about the human will to succeed and achieve the goal than anything else”.

The goal is to be the first amateurs in history to launch into outer space leading the way for even bigger projects hints Ky Michaelson, CSXT’s founder and Program Director. “Although the we were unsuccessful in reaching space in 2000 we accomplished allot, from receiving FAA launch approval to setting a new speed record”. Ky goes on to say “Out of some 25 teams world wide striving to reach space we continue to lead the way, and this is only the beginning, we have in the works the next phase project, and it is huge!”. Ky explains that following a successful launch into space CSXT will unveil to the world the “next phase, and it’s out of this world”.

The launch of PRIMERA was originally schedule for late September 2001 but the FAA put the launch on hold because of the enormous task that remained to approve the new rocket design and launch systems to ensure public safety. “This rocket is complex and the ground systems required to launch it are equally complicated, It has just taken longer than the FAA expected to review and approve everything”, explains Larson.

The launch of PRIMERA is scheduled for this month when the Civilian Space eXploration Team will once again travel to the deserts of Nevada to take a “Shot” at making history.

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