Phoenix Integration Announces Sponsorship of First Civilian Space Launch.

January 20, 2004, Blacksburg, VA. -- Software donation from Phoenix Integration used in design of first amateur rocket launch into space.

Phoenix Integration, the aerospace industry leader in software integration and automation, today announced its sponsorship of the Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT), a group of amateur rocketeers seeking to launch the first civilian rocket into space. Phoenix has donated its ModelCenter® and Analysis Server® software to CSXT for use in the design of their next space launch vehicle.

Ky Michaelson, Hollywood stunt legend and founder of CSXT ( said, "We are pleased and honored to have Phoenix Integration as part of our Space Shot project. Their ModelCenter software has taken us to the next level of sophisticated rocket design".

CSXT uses ModelCenter as the central driver to integrate and link together their propulsion, mass properties, aerodynamics, trajectory, and stability models into one custom rocket design process. Once integrated, the rocket team can explore hundreds of options to optimize their design for top performance.

Sample screen from Phoenix Integration's Model Center Software for the CSXT Space launch vehicle.

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"ModelCenter is by far the most advanced simulation software in the world and has been a key element in our 2004 quest to reach space," says Jerry Larson, Program Manager and rocket designer for CSXT's GoFast rocket. "Not only is it powerful, but it is extremely easy to use and produces results fast, which is critical for a team working after hours and on weekends to set a world record".

"We are very excited about sponsoring CSXT's space launch efforts," says Brett Malone, president of Phoenix Integration. "ModelCenter has been used on many large government and commercial projects and we're pleased that it is also contributing to this exciting civilian endeavor."

Used by the top 5 defense contractors in the world, ModelCenter allows aerospace companies to integrate and automate numerous software tools, remote locations, and different computing platforms into a cohesive environment for systems design. Phoenix Integration's product structure spans the needs of engineering groups, technical computing, and corporate IT infrastructure. The products are designed to be lightweight, extremely scalable, and fit into the existing engineering computing environment. More information can be found on the Phoenix website at

About Phoenix Integration
Phoenix Integration is a leading provider of integration solutions for scientific and technical organizations worldwide. Using a unique mix of distributed computing technology, design integration interfaces and automation tools, Phoenix provides organizations with a streamlined engineering process so they can get to market faster and better. Phoenix is privately held.

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