Motor re-engineering efforts underway.
Static motor test planned.

December 19, 2002 -- The Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT) is fine-tuning its rocket motor design, and is coordinating the facilities necessary to conduct a full-scale static motor test during the next couple of months. The team is confident of its timeline for a 2003 space launch attempt.

Ky Michaelson, CSXT's founder and Program Director, said, “We are certain that we’ve discovered and have a solution for our motor issue. From an engineering standpoint, it is a relatively easy modification. We’re as energized as ever to make history as the first amateur group to launch a rocket into space.”

Michaelson continued, “In our last launch, all other systems performed precisely as designed. In fact, some even exceeded our expectations. Everything is looking great for our next launch.”

The precise date for the launch has not been announced by CSXT, as the final details for the launch campaign are not yet complete. However, according to CSXT, late summer or early fall of 2003 are the most likely launch windows. The team plans to announce a firm launch date after the conclusion of the static motor test.

Sponsorships for the historic launch are still available. According to Michaelson, "Space will, indeed, be the next great business environment. We welcome sponsors and supporters that share our vision for this new frontier.”

Business and sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Ky Michaelson at (952) 884-5870.

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