2002 Mission
This year's rocket, by any measure, is the most powerful and sophisticated vehicle ever developed for an amateur rocket launch. An incredible S20,000 solid-propellant motor (the largest ever built by amateurs) will propel the rocket to well over Mach 5 in just 15 seconds...with the rocket reaching space in only one minute and thirty seconds!

On-board is the most sophisticated avionics package ever developed for an amateur launch. The package includes redundant GPS antennas and receivers, multiple telemetry transmitters (including live color television broadcast throughout the flight), dual data-recorder and event-timing computers, and a variety of accelerometers, magnetometers, and other flight sensors.

During re-entry, the rocket separates into two components, and is brought safely back to earth by two specially designed Rocketman parachutes. The nominal landing point is approximately 26 miles downrange...with a total flight time of about 10 minutes.