Ky "Rocketman" Michaelson
is the visionary behind CSXT. Click here for Rocketman products.

(7/10/09) Recollections on the 5th anniversary - CSXT Space Shot 2004

(7/10/09) 5th anniversary - CSXT Space Shot 2004

(6/1/04) Amateurs in Space.  NASA isn't the only agency that can launch a rocket into the blue beyond  [Omaha World-Herald]

(5/19/04) Go "GoFast"!  Space Frontier Foundation Congratulates First Amateur Team to Enter Space -- [Space Frontier Foundation]

(5/19/04) Ham Radio-Carrying Rocket Exceeds Goal; Avionics Recovered Intact  [ARRL] -- An Amateur Radio direction finding team...

(5/18/04) CSXT Team Claims Success With Rocket Launch -- A team of rocketeers led by...

(5/7/04) Amateur Rocket Space Shot Scheduled for May 17th, 2004 -- CSXT has received approval from the Federal Government to conduct...

(1/20/04) Phoenix Integration Announces Sponsorship of First Civilian Space Launch. - Software donation from Phoenix Integration used in design...

(8/11/03) Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. signs on as a major sponsor of SpaceShot 2003 - This year's rocket named "Go Fast".

(5/23/03) Fuscient joins CSXT as primary sponsor of SpaceShot 2003 - Commitment takes our space program to the next level.

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This Limited Edition Coin is unique and one of a kind, just like the man it commemorates. On the front of this coin is Ky Michaelson holding the rocket capsule he launched into space moments earlier, the first civilian in history to ever accomplish this. On the back side you see Ky as a young boy holding a rocket in his hand and a dream in his heart. “If You Can Dream It- You Can Do It” is the mindset that his boy had in place as he moved forward to reach for and achieve his dreams. This coin is a fitting way to commemorate a man that has inspired young and old alike all over the world, and continues to do so by reminding us that nothing is impossible.

The Rocketbelt Society is proud to issue this COA verifying that this coin is one of the 1,000 Limited Edition Coins to be minted. I personally guarantee that only 1,000 coins have been minted, and I am honored to present you with this valued Ky Michaelson Commemorative Coin.

Thanks, Ky


CSXT SpaceShot 2004
"GoFast" Rocket
Reaches Space
view launch